sound1 [sound]
[< ME soun (+ unhistoric -d) < OFr son < L sonus < IE * swonos, a sound, noise < base * swen-, to sound > OE swinsian, to sing, make music]
a) vibrations in air, water, etc. that stimulate the auditory nerves and produce the sensation of hearing: although the speed of sound varies considerably, the standard is c. 331 meters per second ( c. 740 mph), which is the speed in dry air at STP
b) the auditory sensation produced by such vibrations
c) any auditory effect that is distinctive or characteristic of its source; identifiable noise, tone, vocal utterance, etc. [the sound of a violin, a speech sound]
d) such effects as transmitted by or recorded for radio, TV, films, or on phonograph records
e) the volume or quality of transmitted or recorded sound
2. the distance within which a given sound may be heard; earshot [within sound of the bells]
3. the mental impression produced by the way something is worded; tenor; drift [the sound of his report]
4. meaningless noise; racket
5. Archaic
a) report; rumor
b) meaning; significance
[ME sounen < OFr soner < L sonare]
1. to make a sound or sounds
2. to have a particular tone or quality of sound [your voice sounds hoarse]
3. to seem, from the sound or manner of utterance [to sound troubled]
4. to seem to be or appear to be, based on information one has heard [their plan sounds crazy]
a) to cause to sound [to sound a gong]
b) to produce the sound of [to sound a C on a piano]
c) to utter distinctly; articulate [to sound one's r's]
2. to express, signal, indicate, or announce [the clock sounds the hour]
3. to make widely known; proclaim [to sound someone's praises]
4. to examine (the chest) by auscultation or percussion
sound off
a) to speak in turn, as in counting off for a military formation
b) to count cadence in marching
2. Slang
a) to give voice freely to opinions, complaints, etc.
b) to speak in a loud or offensive way, as in boasting
sound2 [sound]
[ME < OE (ge)sund, akin to Dan sund, Ger (ge)sund < Gmc * swintha-, strong > OE swith]
1. free from defect, damage, or decay; whole and in good condition [sound timber]
2. normal and healthy; not weak, diseased, or impaired [a sound body and mind]
a) firm and safe; stable; secure [a sound alliance]
b) safe and secure financially [a sound bank]
4. based on truth or valid reasoning; accurate, reliable, judicious, sensible, etc. [sound advice]
5. agreeing with established views or beliefs; not heterodox [sound doctrine]
6. thorough, solid, substantial, forceful, etc. [a sound defeat]
7. deep and undisturbed: said of sleep
8. morally strong; honest, honorable, loyal, etc.
9. legally valid [a sound title to a property]
completely; deeply [sound asleep]
sound3 [sound]
[ME < OE sund, a swimming, water, strait & ON sund, both < base * swem- > SWIM1]
1. a wide channel or strait linking two large bodies of water or separating an island from the mainland
2. a long inlet or arm of the sea
3. the swim bladder of certain fishes
sound4 [sound]
[ME sounden < MFr sonder < VL subundare, to submerge < L sub, under + unda, a wave: see WATER]
a) to measure the depth or various depths of (water or a body of water), esp. with a weighted line
b) to measure (depth) in this way
c) to investigate or examine (the bottom of the sea, etc.) with a weighted line that brings up adhering particles
d) to probe (the atmosphere or space) so as to gain data
e) to investigate, examine, or try to find out (a person's opinions)
f) to try to find out the opinions or feelings of (a person), as by roundabout questioning: often with out
2. Med. to examine with a sound, or probe
1. to sound water or a body of water
2. to dive suddenly downward through the water: said esp. of whales or large fish
3. to try to find out something, as by roundabout questioning
Med. a long probe used in examining body cavities

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